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Artistic performance projects

Trio De Femmes

Trio De Femmes are an interdisciplinary performance collective founded in Seattle USA by Marina White Raven, Sheri Brown and Lela Besom. Together they have manifested a creative platform for artists and the public to explore and present personal stories of vulnerability, violation, empowerment, dreaming and blossoming through a critical lens of gender construction in society. They tell ‘herstory’ through their individual and cosmic bodies, using an alchemical fusion of dance, clown, burlesque and musical storytelling. ‘GirlyShow’ is a provocatively playful and uniquely joyful unified expression, designed to directly engage the audience and create an inclusive space to everyone.

‘GirlyShow: what we sacrifice for the dream of love’ is a feel good show with heart, soul and disco-ball sparkle. Trio De Femmes’ anarchic concoction of dance, song, storytelling and clowning, generate a dynamic narrative on modern life and loving in the MeToo era; sharing secrets, shadows and real life experience growing up in an unpredictable and complex age. Lela (Wise child), Kanwegonow (teenage dirtbag) and Noname (gender clown), welcome YOU and your own unique weirdness into our all-inclusive Playhouse! Original songs include Lori Anderson influenced ‘If I woulda been a boy’, Disney inspired ‘I want to run away’ and singalong finale ‘You make me happy’.

Practice for my Deathbed

Practice for my Deathbed is an internationally touring art ritual, living monument, immersive performance and  research laboratory exploring attitudes to death and dying. The artist MWR channels the ‘White Raven’ poised on a beautiful bed, surrounded by the collaborating artists, participants and witnesses, Together they evoke a powerful paradox of sacred space and public statement through the intimate practice of death in a prominent outdoor location. Around the central focal point of the deathbed, multi-dimensional layers of sensual, emotional, intellectual and physical experience can be made available and outlined by the creative skill of the collaborating artists.

15 Deathbeds have been created since the premiere at Whitstable Biennale, UK in 2012. Deathbeds have been installed and experienced all over the world including Esalen Institute in California, Yellowfish festival of durational performance in Seattle, Beloved Festival in Oregon, Pranafest in New Zealand, Tashiro Kaplan Artists’ Lofts in Seattle, Colourfest in Dorset UK, Sudersand in Stockholm Sweden and Feast Arts Center, Tacoma USA.

The Deathbed in Mexico 2019

The next stage for The Deathbed Project will be a bi-cultural collaboration in Mexico City in October/November 2019. Bringing the work to Mexico and working with artists in a variety of locations including: Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico and Museo de la Ciudad de Queretaro, we hope to open a new cultural landscape, develop our understanding of death and dying and invite a broader audience to witness, experience and contribute to a collective expression. In doing so we intend to promote the power of cross cultural dialogues and demonstrate how working in this way brings a more informed understanding that may benefit us all.

The collaborative bi-cultural process aims to inform, enquire and learn through dialogue, interview, play and practice; drawing on a wider cultural range of attitudes to death and dying. The European attitude that turns away from death and does not want to talk about, it is challenged by the open and expressive Mexican attitude. In bringing together these diverse viewpoints there is potential for a new vision; a new unified perspective.