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Marina White Raven



 Marina White Raven  is a multi-dimensional artist based in London.
She is a fully qualified Yoga teacher, creative facilitator, clown teacher, and performance mentor; presenting workshops for professionals, creatives, and athletes internationally.
With over 25 years experience of delivering creative well being programs for a diverse range of people with anxiety and performance challenges, mental illness, addictions, and imprisonment.
MWR integrates this wealth of knowledge; offering resistance into a more authentic self and process based training for individuals and groups to move beyond pain.

Marina White Raven is a wellbeing professional, British Wheel of Yoga instructor, Registered Exercise Professional (advanced level 5), practicing performing artist, creative facilitator, coach and performance mentor.

MWR has performed, facilitated and coached internationally; working with senior executives, professional services, athletes and creatives. With over 20years experience working with groups and teams with complex needs, she brings a wealth of knowledge and ability and is exceptionally skilled at supporting high performing individuals to take them to the next level. White Raven training programmes are aimed at reducing anxiety, developing resilience and addressing life balance, using simple and effective methods. Call me for a free consultation; to live better, bigger and brighter.