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Karma Klown Club


Monthly Training Days in London
The Study Society



Karma Klown Club is founded on a vision of playfulness and spirituality coming together.

Karma Klown Club training days are open to EVERYONE; regular Karma Klown Club members and brand new-comers are all warmly welcomed. Dare yourself to try something new and join us for a day of unleashed FUN!

Experienced facilitators and Karma Klowns Marina White Raven and Ailon Freedman lead a day long workshop of games and exercises to set you FREE!
Does the idea of this terrify and EXCITE you?
Is Clowning something you could NEVER imagine yourself trying?
You’re NOT ALONE!!!!

Many people have surprised themselves at Karma Klown workshops. It might just be the BEST thing you could EVER do!

Karma Klown training is…
-Permission to play
-Self enquiry and realisation
-Developing emotional resilience
-Authentic connection with other people
-Joyous self expression and Laughter