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Marina’s teaching style, clarity and concise approach to creativity was superb.
Previously I wasn’t into exercise at all but totally thanks to Marina’s gentle encouragement, I now do daily yoga practice as do myfriends – really feeling and seeing the difference. My posture has definitely improved, I’m more toned and I feel a lot calmer. Marina is an absolute treasure and I can’t wait till her next urban yoga retreat day. Marina you have changed my life!’

‘Marina’s Yoga instruction is wonderful and her techniques in dealing with a very mixed ability are fantastic’

‘Marina is delightful, crystal clear and imaginative’

‘Marina is very knowledgable, supportive and inspiring’

‘Marina’s yoga was fantastic.’

‘Marina’s very special delivery of the classes made them great fun, thought provoking & challenging’

‘a superb weekend which delivered beyond my expectations.’

‘Just what I needed… I have returned feeling refreshed and enthusiastic about things to come. ’

‘Feel relaxed but challenged as well and I feel energised’

‘The yoga was inspirational – a fantastic teacher’

Monkton Wyld Court, Gentle Warrior Retreat 2017

“A wonderful time, never to be forgotten. I feel taller, and more grounded, and am being much, much nicer to myself too. A great group, and a magical time. Marina, you are a wizard. ”

Alison Goldie

“Thank you all for such a wonderful weekend. It was a real joy and pleasure to meet such a lovely bunch of people.  Having never done anything like this before it has opened my eyes to new possibilities and adventures for the future. I loved Monkton Wyld Court and seeing how they are living there… a good life

Pete Waldie

“Living moment by moment, seeing everything a fresh without judgement & worry lets us experience life rather than simply get through it.”

Judy Maycock

“I have been practicing daily and it’s been good for my back and my karma and as I haven’t shouted yet since I got home, it’s good for everyone. That’s amazing!!

The breathing part has been fantastic, whenever things get tricky I just focus on the breath and then miraculously a solution appears and it’s a sensible one at that. Like my son not wanting to go to bed. I breathed and then got him to walk as slowly as possibly to his room and I followed him. This somehow took all the tension away and serene bedtime ensued.”

Lucy Lynch

“I’m standing taller/straighter and trying really hard to do a little yoga in the morning but always such a rush.  But have been doing some later in the day with my dog and daughter joining in! We are going to aim to do one a year, hopefully more.”


Bala Brook Spring Vitality retreat March 2017

“A unique and inspiring experience, a real holiday for my mind.”

Jenine Thorne

“I come away from this weekend with Marina with a deeper stronger sense of myself in mind, body and spirit and very little ability to clearly define how that came to pass.. there was yoga stretching in the morning, amazing healthy plentiful food, a deep sense of being at home immediately, there was singing, chanting, meditation and yoga nidra, we made things and ideas came easily, we shared our thoughts and made and deepened friendships, we walked out into the beautiful nature all around, the black cows and sheep looking on in envious curiosity, we sat by the babbling brook, there was always something lovely and interesting to do and everything was done with calmness, sincerity and focus, Marina guiding us in a natural flow. She asked us to set intentions for the weekend, mine were met with bells on. Thanks Marina and everybody else who was there.”

Lucy Thane